Dr. Justine Luchini, Doctor of Chiropractic and CrossFit Coach

I'm Dr. Justine Luchini, Thirdzy's Chief Science Officer

In 2020, I kept waking up in the morning feeling like I hadn't slept enough. I was struggling to keep up with my workouts, was drinking a lot of coffee, and would have big energy crashes in the afternoons.

Once I got a sleep tracker, I realized that even though I was sleeping 7 to 8 hours per night, I wasn't getting enough deep or REM sleep, and my heart rate wouldn't come down until right before waking up in the morning.

I overhauled my sleep habits, but still wanted a sleep support to get the best recovery scores possible on my sleep tracker.

I was frustrated when I couldn't find a melatonin and sedative-free natural solution among all the traditional sleep supplements on the market.

So, I created Thirdzy's formulation of key nutrients and amino acids to support the restorative overnight processes happening in the brain and body during sleep. It was a game changer for my sleep and recovery. My nights became recovery power hours and I now wake up feeling ready for my busy days and hard training.

I co-founded Thirdzy shortly after this so that I could help fuel the sleep of thousands of other top performers.

-Dr. Justine Luchini & The Z Team