Grubb on Top: Celebrating Jason's Podium Wins and Community Impact

Written by: Dr. Justine Luchini



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We are thrilled to celebrate Jason Grubb's impressive FOURTH Crossfit Games Gold Medal (!!!!) at this year's Games!

After achieving three consecutive titles, Jason had his work cut out for him this year, with competitors eyeing him as the one to beat. But Grubb came into this week with confidence and dominated the field.

If you missed seeing the live stream - or just plain couldn't see it because the coverage was so bad :/ - Jason took 3 of 8 event wins and hit a massive 505lb Olympic Lift Total.

It was so impressive to watch!

Beyond Grubb's incredible performance as an athlete, we also want to give special recognition for the incredible sportsmanship and class.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of meeting him or listening to his podcast, Jason is the epitome of a class act. He possesses an unmatched work ethic and unwavering dedication to the Crossfit community. He is always eager to share his training tips, recovery strategies, and even his dietary choices—anything that has worked for him and could benefit fellow athletes, from newcomers to his fierce competitors.

We consider it an honor to have had Jason as part of the Z team for over a year. When we initially approached him as a new startup, asking to send him our product, he graciously made time for a conversation and provided genuine feedback after using it for several nights.

Knowing how devoted Jason is to his training, and particularly his recovery routine, in order to stay in peak physical condition, we were thrilled to have made the cut, as one of the few supplements he uses. We are so happy to have played a small part in helping him stay in top form.

This year, Jason has gone beyond focusing on winning for himself. He has also turned a ton of energy to supporting the field around him, going above and beyond to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of other Master's athletes.

Jaons and his company Bolder Athlete organized prize money and gifts for every single athlete on the Master's podium, in recognition and appreciation of their hard work and dedication.

So we thought was only fitting to take some extra effort to acknowledge him!

Let’s all take this moment to recognize Jason as an exceptional human and incredible athlete, someone who embodies sportsmanship and sets a high standard of excellence in Crossfit.

Congratulations on an outstanding 2023 season and an exceptional performance at this year's Games! We couldn't be prouder to have you affiliated with our brand, and can’t wait to see what comes in 2024.

Sleep tight,
Dr. Justine 

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Jason’s Accomplishments Leading Up to this year’s Games:

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