4 Ways To Trick Your Mind Into
Letting You Go the F to Sleep

1. focus on something that isn't you or your life

I know, you're awesome, and it's hard to allocate bandwidth to thinking about anything else, but in the name of great sleeps and glorious mornings, why not give it a shot? Alternative things to occupy your mind might include an old fashioned page-turner (aka a book), an audio book, a 'sleep story' or a guided meditation. I don't advise a TV show, movie, or book on an e-reader in bed because the light can keep you awake.

2. Sex. With yourself or someone else. Whatever is most convenient consensual.

[Disclaimer: This trick may be less helpful if the sources of your self consciousness or worry are sex related. But if not, it's worth a try!]

Remember that the more primal parts of your brain are responsible for sleep initiation - getting out of your head and into your body can be really helpful for (eventually) drifting off.

3. Make an appointment with yourself to worry about things later.

This might sound a bit cheesy, however, our brains are surprisingly responsive to acknowledgement and suggestion. If you're ruminating over a problem or challenge that is important to you, acknowledging that it is important is a big first step towards letting it go for the moment.

Instead of sitting in the dark trying to will yourself to 'not think' or 'think about something else' try telling yourself, "I know this is important. So I want to come back to it when I'm well rested." Then pick a time to do so. If the thoughts start creeping back in, remind yourself that you will do a full review the following day. This has a similar effect to journaling - but it takes less time because you don't have to hash out the whole thing while you're trying to fall asleep.

4. Use supplements to get your brain & body into the right state for sleeping.

You use coffee to wake up, preworkout to get amped for your big lifts, and alcohol to feel more social. You can also take things to get your brain chemistry in the right state for sleeping. 

We're not talking about sedatives here. Sedatives shut down everything - including the important electrical signals and brain waves that help you to properly recharge and repair for the next day. What you want are supps that also support really great quality sleep so that you wake up feeling amazing. 

Our PM Recovery collagen was designed to do just that. With ingredients like:
- L-theanine that has been shown to help increase the zen waves in your brain and turn down the parts of your brain that cause worry and ruminating thoughts.
- Magnesium which helps to relax your nervous system and muscles.
- GABA which is the key ingredient for transporting you across the threshold from being awake to being asleep.

It's a game changer for helping you get the best rest and recovery every night. 

Is There An Adult Who Hasn’t Wished For Better Sleep?

The whole idea behind Thirdzy is that you can get more out of the sleep that you’re getting.

You shouldn’t have to sleep 12 hours a night to keep up with your training and life demands.

You should be able to get more quality out of the hours that you spend in bed so that you can wake up feeling your best. That’s why our founders, Dr. Justine & Adam, originally created our first product – PM Recovery Collagen – to help fitness athletes support the quality of their most critical repair and recovery time – sleep.

While other companies sell products aimed at knocking you out, we’re focused on supporting the active processes that your body should be doing while you sleep.

Feeling good in the morning is a product of your body doing things while you’re sleeping, not being shut down. Good sleep quality is an active fitness process.

The key is better sleep – not just more.

Thirdzy is obsessed with performance – Your performance. You should be able to have great quality deep sleep, REM sleep, and muscles and joint recovery EVERY NIGHT.

“Tastes great - similar to BCAAs and way better than other collagen drinks. More importantly, when I drink it before bed my recovery scores have been consistently higher than when I didn't and I've gotten way more deep sleep according to my Whoop. Definitely a keeper for my sleep and recovery routine!”
- Mark (Santa Barbara, CA)

At Thirdzy, we want you to catch all the Z’s you can.
Our products help to support efficient, great quality sleep & recovery. 

Available exclusively on our website, Thirdzy products are safe, natural all-in-one sleep and recovery performance supplements:

PM Recovery Collagen – Helps you get the most out of the hours you spend in bed. It gives your brain and body the nutrients you need for efficient sleep cycles and muscle & joint repair.

Bedtime Reset – Contains melatonin and herbs that help you establish and maintain healthy sleep routines.

PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen

PM Recovery Collagen

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Why We're Doing This...

Our co-founder and sleep expert, Dr Justine, spent years working with patients and athletes around the world.

Across 3 continents and thousands of patients, one common thread was sleep challenges.

Even fit patients and those with healthy diet and exercise habits, often struggled with poor sleep quality.

A few years ago 3 things happened that made sleep the puzzle she had to solve:
1. Elbow and shoulder overuse injuries ended the hands-on part of her clinical practice,
2. She and her partner Adam (our other co-founder) got their first wearable sleep trackers,
3. Adam’s father passed away.

Confronted with the reminder of how precious and finite our lives are amid a major setback in her career - she was stressed, burnt out, and now had the objective data from her Whoop to show her that her sleep was terrible - even though she was getting a lot of it!

Justine and Adam Thirdzy Founders

Adam and Justine recognized that despite being really focused on their fitness, they had been neglecting their sleep.

Much of their sleep time was poor quality and they were under recovering.

They were expecting the one-third of their lives spent sleeping to just be great by itself – and it wasn’t.

So they poured themselves into research and self-experimentation. They tried countless nootropics, nutrients, herbs, and techniques to get better at sleep. Not just more sleep – better quality sleep, with better recovery stats.

The result is Thirdzy.

Our PM Recovery Collagen (Dr J's brain child) is a real innovation. A functional sleep & recovery supplement. A tool for active people to have effective, active sleep processes. Not a sedative or a knock-out punch.

Our dedication to sleep performance is helping fitness athletes across North America to wake up every day with better recovery, more energy, and more motivation for their training.

What Other Fitness Athletes are Saying About Thirdzy 

“What I noticed right away was the immediate down regulation of my nervous system. I felt like 30 mins after taking it, my body was calming down and more relaxed. I’m definitely dreaming more. What I like so far is the state of calmness I feel because it allows me to fall asleep faster. I’m still waking up a few times during the night but I know I’m getting restful sleep because I wake up feeling great.

 I’m super grateful for you for sending this to me to try and I'm excited to continue using it and reaping the recovery benefits!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼”
- Mandi Janowitz  (Crossfit Games Athlete)

Try our PM Recovery Collagen to get your strongest sleep! 

All Thirdzy products are made with fitness athletes in mind.

We care about making our products safe and natural so they compliment your healthy lifestyle. That’s why we use only natural ingredients and put no sugar, chemicals, or artificial fillers, colors or flavors in our products.

PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen
PM Recovery Collagen

PM Recovery Collagen

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